Does Your Pomade Smell Too Strong?

One of the problems which we see brought up most often by customers, as well as that of their pomade being too light or too stiff, is that they are finding themselves just overwhelmed by the scent of their pomade.

We’ve found that there are two problem areas which come up.

  1. The pomade can smell too strong.
  2. The pomade can smell unpleasant.

It is indeed an all-too-familiar problem. You scoop out a small amount of pomade, you rub it together in your palms, then you work it through your hair.

From the moment you crack open that tin, your nostrils are just bombarded by that sickly sweet scent. It might be at its strongest when you first put it on, but it certainly does stick with you throughout the day.

It makes many wonder, if it smells too strong to them, how does it smell to other people they meet and interact with? Are they overwhelmed by the scent as well?

No one can say for sure, but as a rule of thumb, if you can notice it, chances are others will as well.

Like with an overly strong cologne, no-one wants to be that guy who smells just that little too much of grooming products.

Likewise, where there are some pomades that smell just that little bit too strongly, there are ones which smell just plain unpleasant - like some sort of sickening fruity bath-bomb that just hits you every time you go to sort your hair out in the morning.

This is another problem we see come up time and time again.

It’s a balancing act, then. We don’t the scent to be too strong, and we don’t want it to be too sickly or sweet. We want it somewhere in the middle - subtle and pleasing.


We’re happy to say that with our Original Hair Pomade, we think we hit those targets pretty well. With the subtle notes of grape and argan oil, which don’t linger around or overwhelm, our pomade both of those boxes well and truly.

Try it for yourself. We think you’ll see what we mean.

Speak soon.