How To Grow A Fuller Beard

One of the most common complaints of beard-havers is that their beard quite simply just isn’t full enough. It’s patchy, it’s thin, it’s growing in some places but not in others. They’re all common problems, and, depending on age, there’s only so much you can do. Luckily, however, there is something you can do. All hope is not lost.

First of all, you should always give your beard at least four weeks of growth to begin with. This gives you an idea on the natural patterns your beard grows in; where your weaknesses are and where your strengths are. From there, you can see where there’s room for improvement.

  1. Exercise

Getting your circulation moving through cardio workouts  an help get the necessary nutrients to your hair follicles. This is what keeps your beard looking strong and healthy. Workouts with weights will also increase testosterone, as your muscles grow and your body reacts to this. This means your body can also produce more DHT, which means better, fuller, and stronger growth of your facial hair.

The benefits of increased testosterone and a healthy circulation go way beyond the growth of beards, however. By optimising your body through exercise in this way, you’re creating the conditions to perform at your natural best in all areas in your life. This will keep you healthy, happy and strong. Exercise is not something to overlook, not if you’re looking to live your life at the best possible level.

  1. Reducing Stress and Getting Proper Rest

Cortisol is a killer of testosterone. It decreases it throughout your body, leaving you with less chemical resources to grow a thicker beard, or increase your muscle mass, or shred fat. Stress is the state of mind which produces this deadly chemical. This also leads to a constriction in the blood vessels, meaning those vital nutrients can’t make their way to your facial hair.

Extreme stress can also disrupt sleep, which has a doubly negative impact as sleep is a necessary part in the creation of testosterone, and the repair and regeneration of cells in your body - including those in your beard.

  1. Look After Your Skin

By cleaning and exfoliating your face, you get rid of dead and damaged skin cells, and you open your pores, allowing for the unconstricted growth of facial hair. Finding the right moisturiser also helps keep your skin from drying out, meaning your beard has a healthy foundation on which to grow.

Using a good beard oil, with the right natural ingredients mean that you will be able to keep your beard healthy, well-nourished, and thicker, giving it plenty of fuel to grow.

We hope the first half of our guide on growing a thicker beard was helpful. Stay tuned for Part 2.