How To Keep Your Beard Looking It’s Best

Keeping a beard requires a lot of maintenance. It can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, once you start to break it down into smaller tasks, the whole beard-maintenance routine seems a lot more manageable. Here’s how to keep your beard looking its best, without spending hours on your routine.

  1. Shampoo

Especially if your beard is longer, shampooing on a semi-frequent basis, like with the hair on your head, is one of the best ways to remove any dirt or build-up which accumulates at the base or throughout your hair. Aim for about a couple of times a week, as it’s also recommended to not overdo this.

  1. Condition Using Beard Oil

By using a beard oil with natural and nutritious ingredients, you can condition and hydrate our beard all day long. Beard oil moisturises the hair strand, as well as the skin underneath, which reduces that all-too-common itch, and gets rid of any flakiness which may come from dry skin at the base of your beard. It’s recommended to apply beard oil daily.

  1. Watch Your Neckline

The rule of thumb, so to speak, is that you should put two fingers together above your Adam’s apple, side by side. The height this reaches on your neck is the point you should trim your beard to. Too high and you risk veering into awkwardness. If it suits you, you can also trim your beard on your cheeks, finding a natural line which looks good to you; being careful that both sides are symmetrical. You can use either a razor or an electric beard trimmer for this job.

  1. Trim and Tidy

Every week or so, it’s worth checking for scraggly loose ends or uneven areas on your beard in the mirror and trimming with a pair of scissors. You can use a narrow-tooth comb while doing this to see which hairs should be trimmed.

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