How To Wash Out Pomade

Washing pomade out of your hair can be a problem.
This is an issue which is particularly common in oil-based pomades. The reason for this is that they are made primarily using petroleum products, which are insoluble in water. This usually means that when you use them day on day, they build up and end up clogging your pores or causing other issues with your scalp.
To actually remove oil-based pomades from your hair, you need a shampoo product which can emulsify and act to bridge the gap between the oil and water. In many cases, you may actually have to shampoo your hair multiple times to get the product completely out of your hair, especially if it’s built up over time.

Oil-based and Water-based: The Difference

The difference between oil-based and water-based pomades lies in the ingredients. Any oil-based pomade is usually made with some type of petroleum product, which gives it a strong hold but means that it’s usually a lot of trouble to actually get it out of your hair.
The problem is that oil repels water. This means that when you try and wash it, rather than lifting the product from the hair, the water just beads up and rolls right off. This is unless you use an emulsifier of some kind. Shampoos can fulfil this need, but a problem many people find is that they just aren’t strong enough to deal with the pomade build-up in one go.
It’s also true that you don’t want to use shampoo too often, as this can throw off the natural oil balance of your hair.
The reason it’s important to not leave an oil-based pomade to build-up too much is that this accumulation of product can cover your scalp and become a blockage in your pores. This can lead to issues such as dandruff and acne.
Water-based pomades are different in that they are water-soluble. This makes them much easier to rinse out, and in fact means you don’t even have to use shampoo to lift it from your hair.
The trade-off in many cases is that you can lose some hold and control by choosing a product which rinses out easily. The ingredients which go into a water-based pomade are usually waxes, either natural or synthetic. Natural waxes can include soy wax or beeswax. Beeswax is one ingredient which has been used for millennia, and through the years has been found to not only give a strong hold to your hair, but hydrate and nourish it as well.

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