What’s the Best Brushing Technique?

How you brush your hair determines a lot about it’s texture, it’s strength, how it looks, and how it feels. It’s important, then, to get this part right. Of course, this all depends on the length of your hair. If you’ve got shorter hair then you don’t need to worry so much about this part, but if your hair’s longer then read on. This can really pertain to you.

Some say that to really stay on top of your hair-brushing routine you should aim for about twice a day - once in the morning and once in the evening, for about a minute each time. Now this might prove to be a little excessive, but it varies between person. This is something to leave up to your own judgement. If your hair looks dull, dry and tangled, you can probably afford to brush it more often.

You should brush from the bottom upwards, holding strands of hair away from your head and working your comb or brush through it at that angle. This avoids doing damage to your scalp by raking a brush or a comb across it, and it properly distributes your hairs natural oils throughout.

You should also decide on the tool for your hair depending on whether it’s dry or wet. When your hair’s wet it’s more fragile, and you can do a lot of damage when it’s in this state. You should try and stick to a wide tooth comb when your hair’s wet, but when it’s dry you can use a brush or any other tool you like. Wide tooth combs are made for moving easily through wet hair without the resistance or friction of a brush or narrow tooth comb.

So, how often you brush your hair is an individual thing, but the optimal amount is said to be twice daily, you should always brush away from the head, and wet hair’s worth taking some care with. Stick with these loose rules and your hair should be looking stronger and healthier than ever, especially if it’s longer and will see the real benefits from this.

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